Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome to Packaging World - Om Packagings, Bangalore, India

OM PACKAGINGS is a leading manufacturer of packing materials and dealers of packing equipments and accessories believing in giving your products Personality & Protection.

We have our factory centrally located in Bangalore (Bengaluru) with transport facility to easily reach any part of the globe. Trained manpower with 10 years of experience backup & stringent in house quality control measures ensures high standard of quality of our machines which end up to perform reliably time after time in highly adverse & demanding environments.

Concentration of our total resources has enabled us to develop an extraordinary understanding of pouch sealing/heat shrinking technology & to design a wide range of pouch sealing/heat shrinking machines to suit for various products to be sealed / shrinked & various kind of pouch/shrink materials.

We are committed to strive in ensuring your products Personality & Protection thereby playing a great role in the packaging industry in this millennium.

Do You Need a Comprehensive Supplier? That’s more companies around the world - both big and small - turn to OM PACKAGINGS to find smart packing and packing solutions. From sealing and labeling equipment - to film and wrapping systems - to food, beverage and pharmaceutical packing and heavy machineries, Electronic equipments and Medical equipments OM PACKAGINGS has just about everything your business needs.

Contact the OM PACKAGINGS. You’ll find a Best partner that will go the extra mile to help you find the right solution for your business challenges today and into the future.

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